Horses & Sheep

Horses have been in my blood since I was a young child, and will always be a part of my life. I love the smell, the feel, everything about them. Something only another horseman would only relate to.  Its a lifestyle, as its in our blood they say!   I have competed most of my life on the circuite, and since retiring, I now, enjoy trail rides, or just hacking!..!   If you can't find me with the dogs, you will always catch me in the barn!!

Charlie Brown

Handsome Joe!

Andy the Cute little Sicilian Donk!!

Hello Charlie you are so much bigger than me?

Skippy, lost his eyesight beginning last december, but is doing great with verbal commands and training has been going smoothly he is a seasoned horse and loves the attention!!  it has been great for him!!  He says" I still have my nose ma, I can follow you anywhere" !

Andy enjoys Grass!!!

Geena bringing in the sheep! 

Rottweilers are excellent herding dogs!  I have mostly katahdin sheep,and babados. I teach my dogs to pen work along with field work so work along with me and around the barn and help do my chores.  I enjoy herding trials, although  I find less time, or I have devoted more time, to just a couple activites recently so I can enjoy more time riding and training.

For Instance, I taught Moses to bring me the Pitch fork, although, that backfired, cause he carried it everywhere!!!
and taught everyone to LOVE them too!!!